B Mee Multisport Club Membership


Becoming a member of the B Mee Club

Want to find out the process of becoming a member of B Mee Multisport?
It will take you less than 5 mins to sign up.

Follow these steps.

  1. Click on or copy and paste the below link into your browser http://www.triathlon.org.au/State_Associations/QLD/qld.htm 
  2. Click on Join Triathlon QLD
  3. Click on ‘Join Now Become a Member
  4. Enter your email address and follow the prompts.
  5. When you get to the page to select your club,
    select B Mee Multisport and select either
    – Adult member
    – Junior member.

Membership Options

Membership Options with B Mee are as follows.

Option 1

As an affiliated member with Triathlon Australia and through B Mee Multisport Triathlon Club.

GO TO: http://www.triathlon.org.au/State_Associations/QLD/qld/Membership/join.htm

Follow the prompts and select Bmee Multisport from the drop down club option. This will give you insurance coverage for Training and racing.

Option 2

As a B Mee group session member which is an annual cost of $50 and gives you the option to receive the member price for group sessions.

Insurance coverage not included in this option.

Please email lars.bmee@gmail.com if you wish to take this membership option.

Payment for session cards need to be made before undertaking a session.

Extra session cards can be purchased throughout the term if needed.

Payment options are, Bank Transfer, Eftpos, Cash.

Price Structure

As of Term 4 Class options for B Mee will be undergoing a price structure/payment change.

Everyone will be asked to indicate what session/s that they will be coming to on a weekly basis but if during the term an individual is sick/away/or due to personal reasons can’t make a session then they can use any other session as a make-up session. Make up sessions are only valid during the term and upon completion of the term this option will no longer be valid. Each card is valid for a family eg parents and children but cannot be used outside of the immediate family.

Options for term cards are as follows.

10 session card
$100 B Mee member $10 per session)
$120 Non member ($12 per session)

20 session card
$200 B Mee member ($10 per session)
$240 non member ($12 per session)

30 session card
$270 B Mee Member ($9 per session)
$330 non member ($11 per session)

40 session card
$320 B Mee Member ($8 per session)
$400 non member ($10 per session)

50 session card
$400 B Mee Member ($8 per session)
$500 non member ($10 per session)

UNLIMITED SESSIONS FOR THE TERM 15 CLASS OPTIONS PER WEEK. $500 BMEE MEMBER – $600 NON-MEMBER. This can only be used per individual and non-transferrable.

All session cards for term 4 are valid until Friday 14th December 2018

PLEASE NOTE: All Aquatic centre sessions do not include entry into the pool. This is paid separately.

Those that sign up for a Training Peaks (TP) personalised program there will be at a separate TP cost at a minimum of $40 per week which will be personalised to your individual goal.

There is a CASUAL session option which will be $15 per class which can be paid as cash or Eftpos before class begins.

Why join B Mee Multisports?

Here is some reasons why YOU need to sign up to be a part of B Mee Multisport Club!

  • We are the cheapest Triathlon Club for Junior and Senior Membership in the Region!
  • Your membership covers Insurance while you train and compete in events.
  • We give $5 per adult membership towards supporting Dunga Derby Charity which supports families in need within our region.
  • In order to continue to promote healthy, active lifestyles for our Juniors we will pay $5 off their entry for local races from clubs such as the Fraser Coast Cycling Club, Hervey Bay Triathlon Club, Fraser Coast Runners and Walkers.
  • Our club has 10 Junior Road bikes and wind trainers that will be borrowed out for 12 weeks at a time or even just for an event for NO COST AT ALL to our juniors.
  • We are the only Triathlon Club in the region to offer a Junior Triathlon Program that is inclusive of specific group Swim/bike/run sessions.
  • Our Club Coach has over 16 years of coaching experience and is a qualified International Triathlon Level 1 coach and Triathlon Australia Development Coach.
  • There are lots of training options and over 8 group sessions on offer to help keep you fit and on target for your goals.
  • Members get discounts on training costs.
  • Our club is ALL INCLUSIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC and POSITIVE. We love everyone, and our club is all about promoting the healthy lifestyle of exercise and and triathlon regardless of the ability of the individual or the experience that they have.